Terms and Conditions

  1. Products InformationHow products can be purchased, whether there are any restrictions, where our delivery is available or not is clearly mention in the website/app.
  2. Delivery Terms - Should cover delivery and would typically include what the delivery costs are and how delivery charges are calculated. Delivery time will be based on time slots chosen by user and order is placed by calculating the cut off time.
  3. Payment Terms - Should set out how payment is to be made when purchasing products from our website/app. More often than not, full payment is required when an order is placed by a customer.
  4. Pricing - The prices mentioned at the time of ordering will be the prices charged on the date of the delivery. Although prices of most of the products do not fluctuate on a daily basis but some of the product prices do change on a daily basis. In case the prices are higher or lower on the date of delivery not additional charges will be collected or refunded as the case may be at the time of the delivery of the order.
  5. Cancellation by MakeFresh / Customer - Customer can cancel their order anytime up to the cut-off time of the slot for which you have placed an order through website/app. In such a case we will refund any payments already made by you for the order within 3 working days. If users cancel their online order then it will be refunded into MakeFresh Wallet, which can be used or deducted during next transaction with MakeFresh. If we suspect any fraudulent transaction by any customer or any transaction which defies the terms & conditions of using the website/app, we at our sole discretion could cancel such orders. We will maintain a negative list of all fraudulent transactions and customers and would deny access to them or cancel any orders placed by them.